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Mission and Vision


The West Suburban Humane Society is dedicated to operating a premier animal shelter for the purpose of finding safe, permanent and compatible homes to adopt domestic dogs and cats.  We are committed to educating and encouraging the public to humanely care for dogs and cats.



The West Suburban Humane Society will achieve and sustain its reputation for being the premier humane organization in Illinois.  To achieve such recognition, WSHS will focus on the following critical components: 

Advocacy: WSHS will promote the humane care of dogs and cats by working with government agencies and other agencies to promote the humane care of animals.  

Care:  WSHS will be the preeminent provider of animal care, working with high quality veterinarians to provide the most appropriate medical treatment for non-terminal conditions of cats and dogs in our care.  Further, WSHS will develop innovative practices, such as working with reputable trainers in the area to ensure that every animal in our care receives the best total care before being adopted by the most compatible owner. 

Education:  WSHS will educate our staff, volunteers and members of the community on proper pet health care and safety.  We will provide ample information and constant support to our adoptive families and act as an invaluable resource for educating the public at large.

Fundraising:  WSHS will remain financially solvent and transparent so that we can continue to focus on finding new sources of revenue and maintaining our relationship with those who have provided financial contributions. 


We believe in the following core values: 

  • Serving as a resource to educate the community and animal owners about responsible dog and cat care.
  • Providing high quality medical treatment for animals in our care.
  • Controlling the pet population through spay and neuter
  • To always act ethically and in the best interests of both animals and potential adopters.
  • Appreciating our dedicated volunteers and staff
  • Working as a team to develop creative solutions for potential adopters and achieve the best results
  • Having fun and enjoying our work

No Kill Statement

The West Suburban Humane Society is a “no-kill” shelter. A “no-kill” shelter is typically defined by a save rate of 90%.  West Suburban’s save rate is 98%. We never euthanize for space or time constraints.  By “no-kill”, we mean that once we take an animal into our care, we treat that animal no differently than if it was one of our own pets. If our veterinarian determines that an animal in our care requires treatment for an injury or illness, we provide the necessary care to return that pet to a healthy, adoptable state.  All animals are evaluated for health by local veterinarians and for behavior by trained shelter staff using standardized assessments. The only time we make the decision to euthanize is if an animal is suffering and has no expected quality of life or we feel the animal cannot be rehabilitated and is a danger to the public. We never make that decision lightly and utilize all options before taking that action.

Donate to WSHS

johnny jumpupWSHS can accept credit-card donations online using a secure server. Click on the Donate Now button. You can choose how your donation will be used! All donations are tax deductible.

In addition to monetary donations, we are always grateful for non-monetary donations. Click here to find a list of accepted items we would greatly appreciate receiving.