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A Long-Term Lovable is a pet that has been in our care for over 90 days. These hidden gems have been overlooked, time and time again, for reasons out of their control. 

There is always something special about adopting a pet that's been waiting for a long time! Because they’ve been here a little longer than others, we can often tell you more about their most charming qualities and quirkiest attributes. We know what toys they love and where they like to be scratched or petted, to give you a more personal view of each deserving dog or cat. Once you get them into a loving foster or forever home, these Long-Term Lovables reach their full potential as happy, loving companions!

If you have any questions regarding our Long-Term Lovables, please call our adoption team at (630) 960-9600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet Long-Term Lovable:  Piper


Piper here - Everyone calls me special, and I think they’re right! I am the whole package: beauty, loyalty, and character to spare! I will make you laugh every day with my goofy ways and uncoordinated feet. When I was a baby, I had a virus that left me with slight coordination issues. It doesn’t bother me except sometimes it’s hard to do tricky maneuvers like stairs. My foster mom says it adds to my charm! I love to play, but I’d rather hang out in the yard than go for walks, so a fenced yard is a must for me! You certainly wouldn't think I'm uncoordinated when I race around the yard like a thoroughbred! I have perfect house manners and, truth be told, I’m on the lazy side indoors. Foster Mom says I make the best dinosaur noises when I’m settling in for my favorite pastime: a good nap! I have a lot of friends at the shelter.

Piper is beautiful inside and out and will fill your heart. Please help find this sweet girl her forever home."



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