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Daffodil is Seeking a Special Somone Who “gets” Her

Long-time WSHS kennel resident Daffodil (aka Daffy) is a spunky, 5 year old active cattle dog mix who knows what she wants and likes. She has a hard time trusting strangers so most visitors pass her by and never get to see her sweet and fun side. She is looking for a very special adopter who is willing to put in the time and patience it will take to become a part of her “inner circle”.

Once you’re in, some of the great things you will find out about Daffy include that fact that she loves running. It's one of her favorite thing to do; she could be in the Olympics! Having a running buddy for life would be awesome, but for now she is happy running on our treadmill -- yes, she does it all by herself and is quite good at it.

She doesn't feel the need to brag, but Daffy is actually whip smart and loves learning new tricks for treats (but only for the good stuff, like yogurt bites and chewy liver snacks).  In addition to the basic commands, she also knows how to shake hands, twirl, speak, and sit in chairs. Don't worry, she'll get down when you tell her to. Also, Daffy wants us to let you know she would prefer to run and perform these when the sun is shining. Thunderstorms are scary because they're so noisy! And being wet is the worst.

But one of the best things, she tells us, would be to have her very own person to run around with and then cuddle with once she's worn out. With her brains and beauty, we know Daffodil could do whatever she wants. But what she really wants is a home. Could that be with you?



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Ingrid - Looking For A Family To Call Her Own!

Ingrid is quite beautiful and very people-oriented! She is a fantastic companion who will hang out with you at home, whatever you might be doing. She is also independent enough to be fine alone during work hours. She ignores dogs who are used to cats but cats are a no-go for Ingrid. She will be fine with kids if they don’t try to carry her around. This is not because of her personality. She’s very tolerant. It is because before being rescued, Ingrid suffered a back injury that left her back legs temporarily paralyzed. Her veterinarian supposes she was hit by a car or had some other blunt force trauma. Now she is healed, has become stronger and stronger over time and we rarely see any sign of weakness in one back leg any longer. For a while she couldn’t jump or run but she brought herself back and it was an uphill battle. Ingrid did all this work to heal her body so that she might find a family to love her and keep her. She is on a special diet for early kidney disease, but doing great! Please help this amazing 9 year old girl find a wonderful family to give her all the love she deserves for the second half of her life!

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