Loving Angel Fund

A few months ago, we received a call from a WSHS supporter about a paralyzed dog that needed help. Carrera was found on the streets of Chicago by a Good Samaritan and was taken to Chicago Animal Care and Control. She couldn’t walk, had some scrapes and cuts and looked like she had recently had puppies. The vet there took x-rays and started her on pain medication but couldn’t find a reason for the paralysis. She soon became a staff and volunteer favorite. Unfortunately space at animal control is always at a premium and keeping a paralyzed dog there long term was not an option. Carrera’s time was up. Without a commitment from a rescue to take her, she would be euthanized. We didn’t know what her long term prognosis would be or if we would be able to help her, but one look in those beautiful, sad eyes and we knew we had to try. We picked Carrera up and immediately took her to out vet. It was fortunate that the surgeon was able to take a look at her immediately.  He could not determine the reason for her paralysis but because she had been paralyzed for so long, there is no way to reverse the damage.  Carrera is determined and has the will to live. He felt that even with the paralysis she would be able to live a full, happy life.

Carrera will be paralyzed for life.  Because she cannot fully empty her bladder, she will battle constant bladder infections. She will need physical therapy to keep her upper body strong.  She will require medication for pain and joint supplements. She will also need to be on a special diet.  We know it is going to be hard to find the right home for her, but we think she is worth it. The Loving Angel Fund was created to enable us to place dogs like Carrera in a loving family and given them financial support to care for her for the rest of her life.

With everything she has been through, Carrera is a friendly, happy-go-lucky girl. She is a little shy when she first meets new people but she warms up quickly. She is safe and warm and enjoying the good life in her foster home.  Soon she will be starting physical therapy and learning how to use her new cart to help her get around.  

Our hope is that through the Loving Angel Fund, Carrera and other homeless pets like her will find a home at last. You may not be in a position to adopt right now but you can help someone else find a companion and get long term animals out of the shelter by donating to the Loving Angel Fund.