Meet Our New Volunteer Coordinator - Heidi Janss

Heidi started volunteering at WSHS seven years ago as the canine foster care coordinator.  

This role was a good fit for her since she has been working with foster families for many years as a board member of a national English Setter rescue.  Heidi and her family have fostered more than 50 English Setters and enjoy fostering for WSHS too.  They especially love opening their home to litters of puppies and dogs that need special care.  Their four pups (Blizzard, Bear and Goose the English Setters and Toaster the WSHS lab mix alum) are happy to share their home and teach other dogs that life is going to be just fine.  They are expert puppy tutors!  The Janss family has also had the privilege of caring for three hospice kitties.  In addition, Heidi owns Naperville’s Dogs Love Running! where her team provides daily dog walking and vacation pet care for their clients.  Since her life is full of dogs, when Heidi wanted to volunteer on-site at WSHS, she jumped at the chance to be on the Wednesday morning house cat shift.  Heidi enjoys the community atmosphere at WSHS and everyone’s goal of providing the best care for our animals.  She is looking forward to working with everyone as the WSHS Volunteer Coordinator.