Volunteer Spotlight - Meet Jim Grabowski

Meet Jim Grabowski! Jim is a Wednesday mid-day kennel volunteer and also a WSHS donor.

How long have you been volunteering
I've been a volunteer for 10 years.

How and why did you become a WSHS volunteer?
When I was planning my retirement one of the things I wanted to do was volunteer at an animal shelter.

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering at WSHS?
I really enjoy interacting with the dogs. It's a good feeling to see those wagging tails. No matter how difficult the situation they came from, they are always happy to see you.

Why volunteer at WSHS and not another shelter?
One reason was location. I'm about 15 minutes away. Also this is a no kill shelter and they have been rescuing animals for decades. They have a proven history of helping animals find their forever homes.

You are a donor to the WSHS Capital Campaign… thank you! Why was that an important donation?
The current building is small and deteriorating badly and it's obvious a new facility is needed. This will be more inviting to the public, a pleasant work space for volunteers and staff and a larger more comfortable environment to care for and showcase the dogs and cats. No doubt it will result in more animals finding their forever home.


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