Volunteer Spotlight - Meet The Tuesday Morning Kennel Crew

The Tuesday morning kennel shift can be compared to the Harlem Globetrotters.  They are quick on the court, they always know where each other is and are ready to catch the pass, and they have fun while slam-dunking their way through the kennel.  

Their teamwork is admirable since they have been together for less than a year.  Everyone on the shift appreciates each other and they really love the dogs!

Shift coordinator Ruth Cloonan has been with WSHS since 2011.  Ruth is on the Board of Directors and co-chairs the Capital Campaign Committee.  Becky Gerasky has 20 years of service and volunteers on two shifts (shift coordinator on Thurs evenings), works with the STAR dogs, and transports our animals to and from the vet.  Pat Even and Greg Barrett have been on the shift for two years and Kerry Kopera, Diana Cleary, and Dave Nowak joined the shift this past year.  These kennel volunteers fill in on other shifts and during the holidays and help at events like Barkapalooza.  Kerry sums up the spirit of her shift: “I love my Tuesday cleaning crowd.  I find the work very rewarding. To clean out and refresh the kennels and provide the dogs with a clean area makes my heart warm. I also love to interact with the dogs and get to know them personally.”

These powerhouse volunteers enjoy their time out of the kennel too.  Diana is a recently retired neuroscience nurse who loves Zumba and has a passion for overseas travel.  She has two pitbull mixes at home.  Dave has had dogs all of his life and enjoys walking, biking, stock trading, and Bible study.  Kerry has an accounting background and has recently joined the WSHS Finance Committee.  Kerry likes to go to the gym, read, snowmobile and walk her dogs, rescue Cosmo and Golden Izzy.  Greg also enjoys hanging out with his beagle/collie pup Brady, a WSHS alumni, and is interested in military history and model making.  Becky has an active household with three children, a cattle dog mix, an anole, and WSHS foster cat Lilo.  In her spare time, she hikes, travels and plays league volleyball and softball.  Ruth is an animal lover and environmentalist and she likes to be outside, especially when she is gardening, golfing or walking her dog.  After retiring from public education, Pat likes to travel in her camper, bike, kayak, garden, and spend time with her rescue dog and cat.  By far, her favorite activity is taking care of the dogs at WSHS.

All of the volunteers enjoy the different personalities of the dogs at WSHS.  Becky has seen a lot of changes in the shelter in the past two decades.  She says the one thing that never changes is the level of care that the animals receive.  Everyone at WSHS treats the animals like they are their own.