Gerald Subaru Cares


Since 2015, Subaru retailers have partnered with local animal welfare organizations toimpact over 144,000 animals in need across the country.

While that number is amazing, perhaps the best thing about this initiative is the name. It could have been named “Subaru Helps Pets” or“Subaru Cares for Pets.” Each of those statements describe the goals of the initiative, but they don’t capture the real sentiment. We don’t just help pets, and we don’t simply care for them. We love pets. We love everything about them. We love how excited your dog gets when you walk in, whether you’ve been gone for 8 hours or 15 minutes. We love how cats make you earn their affection. Simply put, Subaru Loves Pets.

This initiative takes place on two levels, nationally and locally. Nationally, Subaru has donated nearly $22 million to the ASPCA, helped support over 1,500 animal welfare related events, and impacted the rescue, transport, and adoption of more than 50,000 animals nationwide. Every year, during the month of October, Subaru retailers collect new pet supplies to donate to local animal organizations. We also donate starter kits for new pet-adopting families.

Locally, and specifically at Gerald Subaru of Naperville, the Subaru Loves Pets initiative is ever present. From supporting organizations as wonderful as the West Suburban HumaneSociety, to welcoming pets at our dealership. We understand how important someone’s pet is to them. We cherish that human-animal bond. We care about these things because we experience them first hand. We have pets ourselves, and we love them. We love seeing dogs in our customer lounge area. It not only eases the wait time for each customer, but brightens up our day as well.

Pets are an integral part of our lives, and special members of our families. For those reasons and many more, Subaru will always continue to Love Pets.