Guiding Dogs to Adoption Through Board and Train Programs

At West Suburban Humane Society, we talk a lot about the animals that come to us with medical needs. We also have many animals, dogs especially, that come to us with behaviors that need to be addressed before they can become a loving part of someone's family.

Meet Tony, Navi, and Rogue, dogs that needed extra help from WSHS. WSHS committed to helping these three dogs adapt to suburban life by sending them to a three-week board and train program and by continuing to work on their training once they came back to our Adoption Center.  All three dogs have been successfully adopted.

Tony was a nine-month-old energetic puppy when he arrived at our Adoption Center. In his short life, he had lived in several homes before he came to us. It soon became apparent that no one had ever worked with Tony or taught him manners. He was a bit of a wild child and a challenge for the volunteers to handle.

Navi was a two-year-old, 80-pound pit bull mix that came to us from an animal control in southern Illinois. As you can imagine, his size alone was intimidating! Like Tony, Navi had never been taught manners and was a lot of dog to handle. He would play rough with the volunteers and needed work on settling down after getting wound up.

Rogue was a three-year-old pit bull mix that came to us from Oklahoma after his owner passed away. Like Navi and Tony, Rogue could also get overstimulated, but he was also nervous around strangers and unsure of new situations.  Rogue needed help with his confidence.

Upon completion of their board and trains, we noticed a huge difference in all three dogs. The staff met with the trainer and learned how to continue working with each of them. In turn, we shared each training plan with the volunteers so that everyone could continue the specific training with each dog back at the shelter.

At West Suburban Humane Society, we want to ensure that every animal finds their forever home on its first adoption, which is why every dog that completes our board and train program receives one private lesson with its new family. This complimentary lesson allows the adopting family to understand what to watch for with their new companion as they transition to their new home and lets them continue the dog’s training they received while in our care.

While this board and train program is costly, we feel that the investment is worth it if the program helps an animal find its forever home. But, we couldn't make the investment without the help of our generous supporters.

Tony, Navi, and Rogue are now living their best lives with their adopted families. Recently, Rogue (now named Chance) and his parents came to our fundraiser, Barkapalooa. Chance wore a muzzle to see all his WSHS friends while remaining safe in case he got overstimulated. Chance’s parents continually advocate for him while giving him the ability to experience life to its fullest.  Not all dogs and cats are the same, and each has its challenges, but we believe they all deserve a loving home.