2019 Class Offerings

These presentations can be tailored to academic and social need with collaboration from the classroom teacher or group leader. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Humane Education Manager, for a program that fits your needs and time frame.


What is an Animal Shelter?
(All Ages)

In our presentation learn about the role of animal shelters in helping animals, people, and your community. Suggestions on how to help your local animal shelter will be provided. 

Dog Safety

I Speak Doggie
(PreK – 1st Grade)

This program is designed especially for early learners. Based on a fun music video that will have them singing, it has a message that will stick with them. Children learn to interact with dogs humanely. This program will have the children on task and moving. AV equipment required. This program is approximately 30 minutes long.

Dog Stars
(2nd – 3rd Grade)

Designed for elementary school-aged children the message is upbeat and based on a music video about dog safety. Children will learn the best way to interact with dogs and how to provide support to our four legged friends.  AV equipment required. This program is approximately 40 minutes long.                      

Reading Dog Language
(4th-6th Grade)

Dogs and children seem to be a good combination. However, dogs speak a language that not all children understand. During this presentation, dog body language is discussed and children will learn how to support their dogs by understanding how to interact correctly and kindly. AV equipment is required. This program is approximately 30 minutes long.

Pet Care 101

What an Animal Needs
(K-2nd Grade)

Adopting a pet is a commitment. In this lesson, children learn to think about what it takes to have a pet and the responsibility involved. Different types of pets are discussed and the requirements to keep these pets happy and healthy will be taught. This program is approximately 30 minutes long.

A Perfect Home
(3rd through 6th Grade)

Students will learn about the basic needs of pets and responsible guardianship. This will include different time and care commitments and how different pets are appropriate for different families. This program is approximately 40 minutes long. 


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