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WSHS - Not Ducking Our Responsibilities!

The staff of the West Suburban Humane Society don't have to go looking for animals to help. The animals find us: Dogs, cats, bunnies, even guinea pigs get left on our doorstep or walk through our doors every day.

We can't even go to a wine tasting without finding an animal in need.
Tuesday at the Burr Ridge Village Center shopping mall, WSHS staff were helping to distribute goody bags to attendees at the monthlySip, Shop & Giveevent, who were there to sample wine and beer and visit the area's shops for charity. 
More than 50 people were sipping champagne and craft beer when two workers walked in with a brown cardboard pizza box. Inside the box, shivering and confused, was a baby duck.
The baby duckling had been rejected by its mother and ejected from its nest inside one of the shopping center's plantings. Looking for comfort but almost too small to walk, the duck waddle-flopped its way into a high-end fitness apparel store and into the arms of the compassionate staff, who brought the duck to us.
WSHS staff quickly wrapped the duck in warm towels and toilet paper to give it a soft nest, and called various wildlife rehabilitation organizations to find out where to take the duck. Some were full, others closed as it was after5 p.m. 
Finally, WSHS foster home Cathleen] offered to take the duck and see if he would survive at least the night.Three days later, he's thriving in her care. 
At WSHS we try to do our best by every animal we meet, even when it's one we don't usually handle. If it meows or barks or quacks its way into our care, we make sure it gets the best home we can find. 
For more information about caring for abandoned or injured wildlife, contact the Willowbrook Wildlife Center at


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