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Meet Sevvy, Daffodil and Pittie Patter; 3 Dogs In Need of Homes

Meet three dogs that have been at the shelter far too long. All of these dogs have wonderful qualities but each have special adoption requirements that have been holding them back from finding their forever homes. Meet Sevvy, Daffodil and Pittie Patter.


Sevvy is a little over 5 years old now but originally came to WSHS a 9 months of age. She was here a mere 12 days before getting adopted into a loving family. She spent 13 months with them but had to be returned because she was too rough for their aging, slower dog.

At age 2, it took 3 months for her to find her second home, but they were only able to keep her for 6 months. One day, Sevvy became possessive over a toy with one of the kids in the home and after that, they were too nervous to keep her. She has since had training at the shelter and has no issues with toys with people she knows.

Sevvy was almost 4 when she was returned early in 2017 and has been here ever since. Yes she needs an adult home as the sevvyonly pet with a fenced yard, but that's not too much to ask for such a funny, loyal, loving dog! She likes kids, just can't live with them. A few volunteers weighed in on their experiences with Sevvy:

"An insight into Sevvy’s fun personality can be seen by counting the number of squeaky toys that are brought in by kennel volunteers just for her! She is so easy to please.. a squeaky toy and a tummy rub at the same time!"

"I love all the dogs at the shelter but Sevvy stands out as my favorite. Before taking her out to the play yards she always spins in a circle and that's how you know she's excited and ready to play. For all the times I've taken Sevvy out (which is as much as possible) I've never had any problems with and I really hope she gets a permanent home soon."

"Sevvy is such a loving dog. I wait for her in the play yard while her training buddy walks her out. As soon as she sees me she gets so excited she starts to cry and can't wait to run to me and say hello licking me to death, then falling down for a big belly rub."

There is no reason that we can see why Sevvy is still at WSHS.

Long-time WSHS kennel resident Daffodil (aka Daffy) is a spunky, 5 year old active cattle dog mix who knows what she wants and likes. She has a hard time trusting strangers so most visitors pass her by and never get to see her sweet and fun side. She is looking for a very special adopter who is willing to put in the time and patience it will take to become a part of her "inner circle". 

DaffodilOnce you're in, some of the great things you will find out about Daffy include that fact that she loves running. It's one of her favorite thing to do; she could be in the Olympics! Having a running buddy for life would be awesome, but for now she is happy running on our treadmill -- yes, she does it all by herself and is quite good at it. 

She doesn't feel the need to brag, but Daffy is actually whip smart and loves learning new tricks for treats (but only for the good stuff, like yogurt bites and chewy liver snacks). In addition to the basic commands, she also knows how to shake hands, twirl, speak, and sit in chairs. Don't worry, she'll get down when you tell her to. Also, Daffy wants us to let you know she would prefer to run and perform these when the sun is shining. Thunderstorms are scary because they're so noisy! And being wet is the worst.

But one of the best things, she tells us, would be to have her very own person to run around with and then cuddle with once she's worn out. With her brains and beauty, we know Daffodil could do whatever she wants. But what she really wants is a home. Could that be with you?

Upon meeting 3-year-old Pittie Patter, it was clear she had a special spark. Pittie had come to us from Newton County Animal Control in Indiana, where they had picked her up as a stray. Despite being anxious and fearful, she had a gentle, kind nature. We knew this pit bull/terrier mix could one day make the perfect family member. 

Pittie Patter

We enrolled her in our STAR training program so she could learn basic doggy manners and also how to deal with her anxieties, which included a fear of any moving object, like cars, bicycles, skateboards, and strollers. In addition to the training, several volunteers and even our Executive Director took it upon themselves to work one-on-one with Pittie to show her that these things would not hurt her. Eventually, she learned that they weren't so scary after all. She began relaxing, gaining confidence, and showing more aspects of her fun personality.

Here is what Carolyn, the Executive Director has to say about Pittie Patter: "I have been working with Pittie Patter for over a year now. When she first arrived she had a lot of anxiety and fear. Over time and with a lot of training and patience, I saw he

r slowly begin to relax and gain confidence. That's when her real personality started to show through. Pittie Patter is sweet, fun, loving and loyal. I can't say enough good things about her. If I had room in my house for another dog, I would take Pittie home in a heartbeat. I love this girl and my hope is that one day soon, someone else will see what I see and make her a permanent part of their family."

Mark, a WSHS volunteer, has this to say about Pittie Patter: "Through the 8 years I have been a STAR volunteer I have walked many of these "STAR"-trained dogs through the neighborhoods. Pittie Patter stands out as a dog that is FUN to walk. She is truly excellent on heel. She loves to sniff stuff and keeps close attention to other dogs, squirrels, and people, but is easy to bring back to attention. Mostly, I enjoy that Pittie always loves to lick my face, to roll in the grass, and to greet me happily whenever I come into her run to take her out. She will be a prize for someone who wants a friend who always has a smile and a kiss at the ready."

Pittie is the perfect combination of lap dog and active playmate. She loves a good walk, playing in a fenced-in yard, and showing off the skills she learned in STAR training. Once she gets her exercise, she's perfectly happy to cuddle up next to you, either chewing a bone or holding her favorite squeaky pig toy. Her ideal home would be adult-only and kid-free; we think she deserves to be the center of attention. She would reward you with a lifetime of loyalty.

We are so grateful for the people who chose to adopt a pet from West Suburban Humane Society. We are especially thankful for those who adopt an animal that has been here awhile or has special adoption requirements. Won’t you consider opening your heart and allowing one of these great dogs to spend the rest of their lives in a loving home of their own?

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