Volunteer Spotlight - Wed. 5:30 to 7:00 pm Kennel

Communication, cooperation and a “can-do” attitude sums up the Wednesday evening kennel cleaning crew.  This group of volunteers is willing to do whatever it takes to keep WSHS dogs healthy and happy!  

Garrett Sward tells us that his shift mates tend to arrive early with a fun and positive outlook each week.  During their shift, if anyone sees something that needs to get done, they dive in and do it.  Garrett, Karen Klickman, Isabella Giuliano, Veronika Booker, and Sara Sacha have been working together for about year; Jessica Cvengros joined their team in March.

This crew has grown together as a team and learned a lot while in the kennel.  Everyone has learned much more about dogs, especially rescue dogs, and has become more confident in their handling skills.  Jessica makes sure she takes each dog’s background into consideration so that she can adapt to their needs when she is with them.  Likewise, Sara knows you have to be patient and realize that every dog has a unique personality.  Isabella sums it up by saying that she has learned what to do for shelter dogs so that she can make them the happiest and most comfortable they can be while they are waiting to be adopted.

Being with the dogs and each other keeps this shift coming in week after week.  With 20+ dogs in the kennel, there is never a dull moment!  Jessica and Garrett shared fond memories of when Daisy jumped from the sink into Jessica’s arms during bath time and when Dave was bounding through a huge snow pile in Yard 3 last winter.  Whether they are walking, throwing a ball or giving a bath, everyone on the shift wants to let the dogs know that they are loved.  At the end of the evening every week, each of them takes satisfaction in knowing they’ve made a difference in the lives of the dogs.   

It’s not surprising that these folks have dogs in their homes too.  Karen started volunteering as a way to get her dog fix without actually having a dog.  She says that lasted about three months before she adopted!  Karen and her husband are parents to WSHS alums Maggie and Duncan.  Veronika is mom to hound Bailey, Isabella is mom to aussie Juno, and Jessica is mom to pointer Gus and yorkie Scout.  Sara shares her home with a blue rescue pit and a tuxedo cat. Her kitty is a fan of dogs too and is best buddies with pitty Daphne.

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