Woofrow Wilson - A Very Special Dog

Animal control facilities vary vastly from one to another depending on county funding, residential support and the level of compassion the workers have for animals. Picture a small concrete shed down a dusty path in rural south-western Illinois. 

There is no air conditioning nor fans. In the summer, the dogs are lucky when a tiny breeze gives them the smallest relief from the heat. This is the exact setting Woofrow Wilson was living in when WSHS was contacted about rescuing him and another dog. It was 97degrees there. One look at his handsome face and mischievous brown eyes, and we knew we had to rescue him and the other dog.

When Woofrow Wilson arrived at the shelter, he was a ball of energy. He had little socialization with people and didn’t understand how to be a well-mannered gentleman.  It was go, go, go all the time but we noticed that after a long play session, his back legs seemed to tire out and become weak. He had an unusual gait and looked painful in his back end. We took him to the vet where x-rays showed he was suffering from hip dysplasia. The vet recommended we take him to see an orthopedic specialist.

The orthopedic specialist confirmed the diagnosis and also diagnosed him with DJD or degenerative joint disease.  She recommended he have a procedure called an FHO or femoral head osteotomy which is like a hip replacement for a human. A surgery like this is expensive, costing at least $4,000, but once an animal is with us, we will do whatever it takes to make them comfortable and give them the best chance of finding their forever home.

Woofrow had the surgery and went to a foster home to recover. He has recovered nicely but still needs to work on strengthening his leg which can be done with regular walks, walking clockwise and counterclockwise, doing figure eights, controlled walking up stairs and sits to stands. He has also done therapeutic swimming which he really does well at.

Woofrow Wilson is back at the shelter and ready to find his forever family.  He is housebroken and crate trained. He is still a little touchy about his back end so he would do best being an only pet and living with kids 14 years and older.  Since coming to WSHS he has learned how to walk nicely on leash, sit and shake. He can sometimes even catch a treat in the air! He does have great energy and would be bundles of fun for hiking, fishing swimming and any other daily adventures life may bring. If you are looking for a best friend that fits into your active lifestyle, Woofrow Wilson may be the dog for you. He is a big goofy boy that will give you good laughs and tons of lovin!

Woofrow is extremely lucky to have landed at WSHS. Not all shelters are able or willing to put in the money and effort on a single animal. But to WSHS, there is no other alternative. If we don’t help him, he is not adoptable. Now he can go on to find the perfect home and have the chance to show his full potential as a valued member of the family. Donations received by our supporters allows us to help Woofrow Wilson and other animals in need so they can go on to become cherished pets. It also helps us step forward confidently when animals are in desperate situations. By taking some of the financial burden off of West Suburban Humane Society now, you will be putting the shelter in a better position to support the next homeless pet with medical issues. To make a donation to help Woofrow Wilson or other animals in need, click here.  Thank you for your support!

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