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Doggie Daycare/Boarding

Places to take your dog for day care and/or boarding. 

Bark Avenue Daycamp

Bartlett, IL.

Doggie day camp at Bark Avenue is a fun place for your dog(s) to participate in activities, interact with other dogs and be cared for by highly skilled professionals.  Doggie daycare is for dogs four months (or as soon as they have all their vaccines) and older of any breed or size. The highly trained staff will use their training techniques to maintain order and control to ensure a safe and stress free environment for all the daycare attendees.

Many daycare clients bring their dogs to get them the exercise they otherwise might not get. Most dogs need more than a walk or two a day to fully expend all of their energy and day camp is a way for them to do that while having a great time.  Also, many clients have full time jobs, family, and other demands on their time so it’s a relief to know they can bring their dog(s) and the dogs will be taken good care of during the day.  By the time they pick their dogs up at the end of the day, everyone is ready for a relaxing evening at home.

"At Bark Avenue Daycamp, we make dogs feel right at home!"


Telephone: 630-289-8470

Doggie Depot

Downers Grove, IL.

Doggie Depot offers fully supervised day care for your four-legged family member while you are busy during the day.  What does your dog do all day?  Play, play, play!!  Your dog is entertained all day with ball throwing, outdoor activities, treats and lots of love. Doggie Depot separates dogs based on their size, temperament, age, health conditions and play style with separate play areas.  Dogs play all day except for nap time (11:30 – 2:00). Why naptime? The dogs need a break too! Due to the amount of activity received at daycare, a break in the middle of the day is very important for their health! 


Telephone: 630-969-7529


Downers Grove, IL.

When you send your dog to day care at Dogtopia of Downers Grove, they will have fun! Dogs enjoy all day play with regular potty breaks. Dodtopia does not have kennel runs.  dogs enjoy full use of open playrooms. 

Your dog will enjoy five hours of play in the morning followed by five more hours of play in the afternoon/evening. When you pick up your pup, your pup will be tired but happy. And best of all, they will have made new furry BFFs!

Dogtopia‘s dog care professionals will take every step to ensure that your dog is happy, healthy and comfortable during their stay. Your dog may not be the only one who has separation anxiety; that’s why they offer webcam access so you can check in on your dog at any time during the day using a desktop or mobile device. Watch them make friends and have fun in one of our playrooms.

Dogtopia’s mission is to provide dogs with a safe and fun environment.  They ask that you bring your dog to their location before starting day care services to determine if your dog is the right fit for our open play environment.  Call Dogtopia to schedule an appointment.  They require that any dogs have up to date vaccinations and be free of fleas, ticks and any contagious diseases.


Telephone: 630-795-0099

Paws in Paradise

Downers Grove, IL.

Paws in Paradise is a premier doggy daycare facility that is staffed by animal-loving professionals who take great care to ensure that your pet enjoys every moment with them. 

Your pet will always feel cared for and looked after. They are a family of pet-owners themselves, and thy understand what an owner looks for in a quality daycare facility. Rest assured, everything your pup could ever need is made available at Paws in Paradise. With their real-time webcam access in the play areas and sleeping areas, you can check in on your pets when you can.

They play music all day and allow your dog to watch favorite television programs on the plasma TV in the play area. From large indoor and outdoor play areas, to charming sleeping quarters, a day at Paws in Paradise is one of true paradise.


Telephone: 630-719-1840


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