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Organizations for Other Pets

Organizations and facilities that help animals and pets other than or in addition to cats and dogs. 

A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife


A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife is a no-kill parrot rescue, rehabilitation, education and adoption shelter. They provide a safe place for parrots that must be re-homed.  They provide temporary housing and care for Parrots (not including those with fatal and/or contagious diseases); educate the public about the proper care of exotic birds; and locate healthy, happy, and nurturing homes. 

Telephone; 847-509-1026

Chicago Herpetological Society


The mission of the Chicago Herpetological Society (CHS) is to educate the general public and to promote the conservation of all wildlife in general and of herpetofauna in particular.  The CHS supports responsible, ethical, and lawful conduct in the trade of reptiles and amphibians. CHS encourages knowledgeable people to educate the public about the needs of reptiles and amphibians and to help prospective owners choose animals that are appropriate to their circumstances and abilities.


Telephone; 708-224-9906


Critter Corral

Guinea pigs

The Critter Corral was founded to find homeless and unwanted Guinea Pigs new, loving homes. They run out of private homes and appointments are made for adoptions and visits.  They provide information on how and what to feed your Guinea Pig friend, as well as Guinea Pig medical conditions, behaviors, and even how you can build your own inexpensive Guinea Pig cage.


Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary

Exotic Domestic Animals (Cats and Dogs too)

Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary is an all-volunteer foster based animal rescue and adoption network based in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. A core group of volunteers live in the Chicago Suburbs and surrounding Chicagoland area.  Fur Angels works tirelessly to giving all animals a second chance at finding a forever home. Without having an actual shelter, they have many volunteers who have opened their homes to not just dogs and cats, but also exotic domestic animals.  This rescue is unique because we foster and adopt many animals deemed “unadoptable” like bonded pairs, special needs, and seniors.

Animals they rescue and adopt: 

  • Dogs and Cats
  • Birds (Large and Small)
  • Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Turtles and Tortoises
  • Hedgehogs and Sugar Gliders
  • Ferrets and Rodents
  • Fish


Greater Chicago Ferret Association (CGFA)


The GCFA has a ferret adoption program, accepts owner give-up of ferrets, provides rescue and shelter of ferrets, and has a Medical/Hospice Program for ferrets.  It is the goal of the GCFA to place ferrets in “forever homes” and to place ferrets with specialized needs into homes that have advanced knowledge of the care of required for the condition that these ferrets have.

The GCFA Shelter does not board ferrets but can make recommendations based on recommendations from others who own ferrets.  They can also make recommendations of veterinarians that serve the ferret pet population in the Chicagoland area.


Telephone: 708-442-8650

Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club

Caged birds

The mission of the Greater Chicago Cage Bird Society is to care for homeless exotic cage birds through the GCCBS Rescue and Adoption Center and to share knowledge of exotic cage birds through open meetings and other educational events.

The GCC Bird Society understands that sometimes life changes occur, and you find that you can no longer care for your birds properly. If you feel that there is absolutely no way you can continue to care for your caged bird pet and that it is in the best interest of your pet to find another home, they can help.


Telephone: 630-640-4924

Hooved Animal Rescue & Protections Society

Horses and other hooved animals including goats, donkeys, etc,

HARPS is dedicated to the rescue & rehabilitation of horses and other hooved animals.  The mission of HARPS is to continue promoting and providing humane treatment for animals – specifically horses and other hooved animals – through rescue, rehabilitation, education, and legislation. HARPS has carried out hundreds of rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption missions. 

HARPS oversaw the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of the 40 Belgian draft horses that survived a double-decker trailer accident in Wadsworth, IL.  HARPS led the rescue and adoption of 75 abandoned and neglected Quarter Horses in Hampshire, IL. HARPS also carries out singular and small rescues – an abandoned donkey in a backyard, or a small herd of starving goats left behind when the owners moved. 

HARPS’ rescue facility in Barrington, IL. serves the needs of impounded neglected and/or abused horses and other hooved animals. Abused animals are taken to their rehabilitation farm where they are assessed, and then provided all necessary veterinary treatment.  Horses not appropriate for adoption are given life-long sanctuary at their facility. HARPS offers an Assisted Adoption Program that acts as an adoption network for those who solicit aid in non-emergency circumstances, such loss of job or owner death, in finding homes for their horses and other hooved animals.   


Telephone: 847-382-0503

Hop to it Rabbit Rescue


Hop to it Rabbit Rescue is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned rabbits. They educate future rabbit adopters on the importance of proper care and needs in our best effort to find loving, forever homes for domesticated rabbits in need.


House Rabbit Society of Chicago 


The House Rabbit Society of Chicago is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of domesticated house rabbits in need.  Their aim is not only aid in the care of neglected rabbits and facilitate adoption into caring homes, but to educate the public on the proper care and the needs of house rabbits in the hopes of decreasing the number of unwanted and abandoned rabbits.


Telephone: 1-630-842-5033

Midwest Bird and Exotics Animal Hospital

Exotic Domestic Animals and Arachnids

Located in Elmwood Park, IL., the Midwest Bird and Exotics Animal Hospital provides veterinary care to the following species:

  • Common Household Pets: Dogs, Cats (after hours emergencies only)
  • Exotic Pets: Birds, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Rodents (rats, hamsters, gerbils, etc.), Arachnids
  • Reptiles: Snakes, Frogs/Toads, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos, Iguanas, Turtles, Tortoise

Care includes vaccinations, wellness and prevention, dentistry, parasite control, diet and nutrition, spay and neuter, laboratory and surgical services, and end of life care.


Telephone: 708-453-8181

Red Door Animal Shelter

Rabbits and the occasional stray pet duck or backyard chicken. (Cats and Dogs too)

The mission of the Red Door Animal Shelter, located in Chicago, is to promote respect for all animals through education, rescue, sheltering and adoption.  Red Door Animal Shelter is a non-profit, no-kill shelter committed to helping animals in need.  Their primary focus is on cats, dogs and rabbits – the three most popular pets in the United States but have also rescued the occasional stray pet duck and chickens.

They provide a cageless environment for the animals, giving them the closest-to-a-home experience that a shelter can provide. While their emphasis is on re-homing animals through resourceful adoption programs, the shelter does offer permanent residence for those few animals not placed in homes.  They are one of the few no-kill, multi-species shelters in the country that admits rabbits, spays/neuters them, microchips them and adopts them.


Telephone: 773-764-2242



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