When our rescue partners in Oklahoma contacted us about an older flat coated retriever that needed rescue we immediately said yes. One look into those beautiful brown eyes and we were hooked. Poor Sadie has been without a home for over 5 years. She was originally found as a stray In Oklahoma. She lived there for a few years and was transferred to another rescue in the Chicago area when space became available. That shelter kept her for about a year and then returned her because she needed training. The rescue in Oklahoma loved Sadie but wanted her to have the best chance of finding a home and that’s where we came in.

When we got the call from one of our rescue partners in Central Illinois about an 8 year old American Bulldog that needed a home, we took one look at his sweet face and knew we had to take him. He had lived with one owner his whole life but the owner’s apartment complex changed the rules and would no longer allow Victor to live there. When Victor arrived at the shelter he was a ball of energy. He was jumping, wagging his tail and trying to give kisses to everyone he met. We were in the process of checking him in. He was fine one minute and then the next he fell down and seemed to struggle getting back up. This happened three or four times in a row. We immediately rushed him to our vet and so began our journey with Victor.

Every other Saturday morning, you will find volunteers Candy Fisher, Nancy Ranieri, John Moll, Kris Blumka and her daughter Carissa feeding, medicating and cleaning the House Cats area of the shelter. That’s a lot of work to accomplish before the shelter opens at 11:00 a.m., so Carissa said their strategy is to divide and conquer.

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